Third-Party Manufacturer

Third-party manufacturing is a process in which the owner of a business gets manufactured its products from a manufacturer who has expertise in manufacturing. This process is also called contract manufacturing

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Pharma Third Party Manufacturing

Are you planning to start your own Pharma company and looking for a reliable third-party manufacturer? If so, then you are on the right page. Here you get to know each and every detail that you must be looking for. You will explore the business of third-party manufacturing Pharma, advantages & disadvantages of third-party manufacturing, how to hire a right third-party drug manufacturer and what is the procedure of third-party manufacturing.

Third party manufacturing in the Pharma sector

Like other sectors, pharmaceutical companies also get manufactured their medicines from a third party. There is a big network of third-party manufacturing pharma companies in India. The third-party manufacturing pharma company makes the medicines as per the specification given the Pharma company in the contract. There are some pharma companies having their own manufacturing facilities, but they prefer to get their products from third party medicine manufacturers.

Let’s understand the parties.

First party: The owner who gets manufactured the products

Second party: The customers of the products

Third party: The manufacturer of products. Also called contract manufacturer (CM)

How to get manufactured drugs from a third-party manufacturing company?

Find the right drug manufacturer

Search the 3rd party manufacturing Pharmaceuticals online and chose a right 3rd party pharma manufacturing company. Get his contact number and email ID for communication.

Plan and prepare a list & Send a query

Plan and prepare a list of products that you wish to get manufactured to avoid any confusion.

Request for a detailed price quotation and ask for product manufacturing cost, cost of securities and minimum quantity they can make, ask for their delivery schedule, etc.


Get done a non-disclosure agreement & Place the order with agreement amount

If the rate and other conditions of the drug manufacturer suit you, then get done a non-disclosure agreement with the drug manufacturer.

As you have finalized the products list, the quantity of products and the non-disclosure agreement has also been signed now it’s time to place the order. Deposit or transfer the agreed amount to the manufacturer’s account.

Delivery of Order

When the third-party medicine manufacturer is done with your order, he will contact you and send a quotation mentioning the details of the finished products and pending payment. Once you submit the required documents and clear the pending payment, your order will be despatched to your desired location with your preferred transporter.

Getting drugs manufactured from a third-party manufacturer has always been a detailed task but it’s better to take care of everything in the starting. A Pharma company must hire a right, professional and experience drug manufacturer. It is advisable to get signed a non-disclosure agreement from the third-party manufacturer to avoid any future problems related to disclosure of formula or design of products etc. Also, a good and reliable drug manufacturer will provide your quality products and it can be a lifetime relationship. So, choosing the right third-party manufacturer is very important for a Pharma company.

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