Permethrin 5 % Lotion for Scabies

Permethrin 5 % Lotion for Scabies – Medconic Healthcare

Welcome to Medconic Healthcare, your trusted partner in healthcare solutions. In our commitment to providing quality pharmaceutical products, we are delighted to introduce our Permethrin 5 % Lotion for Scabies– a game-changer in skincare. This blog aims to enlighten you about the benefits, applications, and why choosing Medconic Healthcare for your PCD Pharma Franchise is a step towards a healthier future.

Understanding Permethrin 5% Lotion:

Permethrin 5% Lotion is a topical treatment renowned for its efficacy in combating various skin conditions. Its active ingredient, permethrin, belongs to the pyrethroid class of medications and is widely recognized for its insecticidal and acaricidal properties. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make our Permethrin 5% Lotion a standout choice:

Permethrin Lotion for Scabies:

Scabies, a contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites, can be relentless and uncomfortable. Permethrin 5% Lotion stands as a formidable solution against scabies for several reasons:

1. Parasitic Eradication:

Permethrin is a potent insecticide that targets the scabies mites, rendering them unable to move or feed, eventually leading to their demise.

2. Easy Application:

Applying Permethrin lotion for scabies is a straightforward process. Thoroughly cover the entire body, and leave the lotion on for the prescribed duration before washing it off.

3. Repeated Application for Success:

Scabies mites have a lifecycle, and reapplication of Permethrin may be necessary to eliminate newly hatched mites. Follow your healthcare provider’s guidance for
optimal results.


Permethrin Hair Lotion:

Scabies can infest the scalp, making “Permethrin hair lotion” an essential aspect of comprehensive treatment:

1. Penetration and Treatment:

Permethrin hair lotion is designed to penetrate the hair and scalp, effectively reaching the mites hiding in these areas.

2. Ensuring Complete Coverage:

Ensure thorough coverage, especially behind the ears and on the back of the neck, where mites may reside. Rigorous application is crucial for success.

3. Complementary Measures:

Consider using a fine-toothed comb to remove dead mites and eggs from the hair after treatment for a more thorough approach.

How to Use Permethrin 5% Lotion for Scabies:

Understanding the proper application of Permethrin 5% Lotion is vital for its effectiveness:

1. Clean and Dry Skin:

Start with clean, dry skin. Avoid applying the lotion to broken or irritated skin.

2. Generous Application:

Apply the lotion generously, covering every inch of the body from the neck down, including the soles of the feet.

3. Patient Duration of Application:

Leave the lotion on for the prescribed duration, usually 8 to 14 hours, depending on the specific product. This allows the permethrin to work its magic against the mites.

4. Thorough Washing:

After the designated time, wash the lotion off thoroughly. Ensure all treated clothing and bedding are also washed.

5. Follow-Up Consultation:

Follow up with your healthcare provider to determine if additional treatments are required.

Choosing Medconic Healthcare for Your PCD Pharma Franchise:

At Medconic Healthcare, we take pride in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here’s why partnering with us for your PCD Pharma Franchise is a step in the right direction:

1. Wide Range of Pharmaceuticals:

Our diverse portfolio includes a broad range of pharmaceutical products, ensuring that you can cater to a variety of healthcare needs in your franchise.
2. Quality Assurance:

Medconic Healthcare adheres to stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing that each product meets the highest industry standards.
3. Marketing and Promotional Support:

As a franchise partner, you will benefit from our comprehensive marketing and promotional support to establish and grow your business.
4. Innovation and Research:

We continually invest in research and development, ensuring that our products remain at the forefront of medical advancement


Permethrin 5 % Lotion for Scabies, when used correctly, is a powerful tool against scabies infestations. Whether it’s for scabies on the body or within the hair, understanding the application process is key to successful treatment. Always consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance, and for those interested in providing this solution to others, consider the opportunities in our PCD Pharma Franchise at Medconic Healthcare. Your journey to healthier skin begins with the right knowledge and the right products.


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